Commentary on Thucydides I

Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics, in preparation

The Lexeis Project

The Lexeis project:

–linking the Perseus text of classical authors with the most valuable print lexica digitized (Bétant, Lexicon Thucydideum 1843, Ast, Lexicon Platonicum 1848, Wüst, Lexicon Aristophaneum unpublished MS [microfiches 1984])

— with additional data (word-families, semantic fields, bibliography)

— and a user interface (for adding updates)


Aristophanes-lexicon (Ernst Wüst, unpublished manuscript ca. 1910) screencast introduction (January 2023): (the audio is low, you need to turn up your volume)

Plato-lexicon screencast introduction (June 2022) here.

Thucydides Lexicon screencast Introductions (2019)

–Introduction for Users:

–for Contributors:

–for Editors: